1999UrbanhamLogoBlackSmallUrbanham.com is a web portal that provides entertainment and urban lifestyle information about social activities, events and people within the Greater Birmingham market and worldwide.  Our focus is on quality lifestyle events in the local market, weekend getaways and great vacation opportunities for Urban Professionals.

For over 15 years we have delivered entertainment and lifestyle content with a focus on the diverse social options of the African American community.

Since our initial launch day in June of 1999 we have had one simple objective. To provide our users with reliable community news and event information from week to week. With thousands of users accessing our pages each month, Urbanham.com is one of the busiest African American focused websites in the region.

With the growth of Urbanham.com has come the growth of our user base which is not only measured in numbers but in trusted users. Our primary user base consist of head of households, community leaders, young professionals and business owners that all need to unwind at some point and have made Urbanham.com their local information source for social activity.